Put your money where my mouth is….

…seems to be the message from the Broad Left / Socialist Party candidate Padraig / Patrick Mulholland.

According to a statement from NIPSA branch 121 Padraig / Patrick will refuse to accept any pay increase if he wins the election for the post of General Secretary because Padraig / Patrick “shares the view of those on the left of the union that it is not reasonable for the General secretary to be paid a salary that far exceeds the average wage of the members and has stated that if elected he will donate anything above his current salary back in to the trade union and labour movement.”.


This is a bold move / promise from Padraig / Patrick and it deserves some scrutiny. Firstly we don’t know what Padraig / Patrick’s current salary is and secondly as a union who at this years conference stated that membership numbers were dwindling, and that asking members for an increase in subscriptions was a very real possibility, one would have to ask why the Broad Left have allegedly promised one of their more prominent members in DSD in exchange for her not running for the position of General Secretary, that in the event that Padraig / Patrick wins the election they will create a second Deputy General Secretary post for her to hold.

If true this raises the question how does creating another £50,000(?) a year post at a cost to the membership help offset the financial difficulties that the NIPSA Treasurer has stated the union is in?

Will Broad Left members earning in excess of “the average wage of the members” be following Padraig / Patrick’s lead and donating any excess to fund this new Deputy General Secretary post?

We’ll have to wait and see.

In the interim its probably an appropriate time to consider the old Thatcher quote:
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”


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