Democratic? Really? Let’s see some evidence of that.

“Democratic” is a word often bandied about by the Broad Left. In fact it is a part of their mantra “Building a democratic, Fighting union”.

It’s interesting that a few of the Broad Left / SP controlled branches have begun issuing notifications to their branch members advising them about the all members meetings they will be holding to select the candidate that they as a branch wish to support in the General Secretary elections.

Each that we have seen state openly that they are leaning toward supporting Padraig / Patrick and include snippets of Padraig / Patrick’s nomination blurb. Why is there no mention of the other candidate? Why are there no snippets of Alison Miller’s nomination blurb?

Is this some new sort of democracy we are seeing practiced by the Broad Left where only their preferred candidate gets mentioned and quoted in what are supposed to be neutral announcements?


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