“I will not take the extra salary”.

On the face of it this looks like a commendable gesture from Padraig / Patrick….but is it?

How seriously will he be taken when negotiating Civil Service pay deals, part of his role as General Secretary, should he be elected? I mean why would anyone listen to someone who openly advocates accepting a lesser rate than the going rate for a job as their salary?

Picture the bemusement on the face of the Civil Service negotiating team as they try to fathom that one out. Here’s a guy who sacrifices part of the going rate of the job he does asking for better pay and conditions for his members. Leading by example? Accepting less than the going rate for the job?

This also raises the issue of what Padraig / Patrick intends doing with the additional money he is paid but doesn’t take. He says that he will donate those sums to trade union / labour causes (not the party) and that the donations will be open to scrutiny by the members.

I would have thought that a democratic union would have a vote on who the additional salary should be donated to, rather than an individual deciding and then opening it up to scrutiny after the fact.


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