Why the secrecy?

For a political grouping that is always going on about a “Democratic, fighting union” why does the Broad Left grouping have a “members area” where only approved members can participate or view what they are discussing? Why, if they are acting in the interests of all of the NIPSA membership, do they feel the need to hide what it is they are discussing on our behalf?

Competing groupings within unions are a dangerous thing. They lead to suspicion, secrecy and division. The two main competing groupings within NIPSA should both be open, transparent and democratic in their dealings with and for the entire NIPSA membership.

Setting aside the fact that a grouping within NIPSA feels the need to keep information from the members it represents and seeks to restrict debate to the confines of its own membership this type of secrecy is in contravention of a motion passed at Conference this year which obliges NIPSA to consult and be open with the members on all matters which affect or stand to affect them. Given that the current General Council is almost entirely made up of Broad Left members what could they possibly be discussing in secret away from the general membership?

One could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the interests of NIPSA members and adherence to Conference motions isn’t of concern to them and that they have another agenda that they are not happy sharing with others.


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