Vote them out and keep them out.

Our union is not a plaything for careerist revolutionaries. It is not a prize to be delivered to a political party in order for it to take control and use exclusively to its own ends.

NIPSA is a union that is currently, unknown to the greater number of its members, subject to a politically ideological split between the Broad Left and Unity groups. As a result of this the rights and working conditions of ordinary members are not being served and protected as they should be. Too much emphasis is placed on political matters outside of the union and individuals are focused on delivering for their political masters and not the members. This has to stop.

As paying members we have a right to expect effective representation. Instead what we get are two political groupings who have been allowed to grow within the union and who are now at loggerheads with each other.

Ordinary paying members deserve better. A union is supposed to be united, not subject to and constrained by groupings focused on their own select objectives. A union is supposed to work for the greater good of its members, not the political aspirations of those who otherwise would hold little to no sway politically in society.

Certainly people are entitled and should be encouraged to hold political opinions but there is a time and a place for politics. In circumstances where individuals who hold union officer positions are seen to be spending more time pushing a political dogma than looking after the actual on the ground bread and butter issues affecting members then these officers should be challenged and challenged democratically by ballot. If these individuals and groups want careers in politics then they ought to pursue careers in politics instead of using our union and our union dues to advance their political ideologies.

Vote them out and keep them out. Save our union.


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