Did you look at my bird?

It seems chivalry isn’t dead.

It seems Carmel got herself in a bit of a bind yesterday over the Nolan phone in when Jeff Peel outed her as “an active member of the Trotskyist Socialist party of Ireland” and questioned how she could be considered to be meeting her obligations of impartiality as required by her employer the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

Padraig / Patrick Mulholland who is Carmel’s partner and, coincidentally, also a member of the Socialist Party, took offence at this and took to Twitter to challenge Mr Peel to a public debate.

A public debate on what? On the fact that both Padraig / Patrick and Carmel are members of the Socialist party and, as such, the main levers for that party to gain control of the NIPSA union? Probably not.

By the way, why is Padraig / Patrick appearing on Nolan and other mediums as a spokesperson for NIPSA? His term of office as President has ended and he is an ordinary member.

He has no mandate or right to be speaking or purporting to speak on behalf of the NIPSA membership so why is he being allowed to do so?

Oh, that’s right. Electioneering, facilitated by his partner Carmel, the current NIPSA President, and the Broad Left caucus / Socialist Party controlled General Council.

That explains a lot.


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