We have slogans.

But very few answers.

There are lots of “Say no to austerity” and “Fight the cuts” slogans doing the rounds but how, exactly, are NIPSA proposing to put these slogans into action other than using them to appear prepared and willing to fight?

Ask your local rep what the practical measures are, beyond the old standard shoegazing protest, that NIPSA will be taking.

How will they fight austerity and cuts when their members are actually imposing the cuts in question?


Holding a secret meeting? Always let a responsible adult know.

That’s the advice to the leading lights of the Broad Left and SP.

If you’re going to have a clandestine secret meeting in “No.40” it’s a good idea to tell a responsible adult just in case you get locked in and have to phone a colleague to get you out of the building.