Who has the right to campaign?

I see there is some debate over the participation of NIPSA HQ officials and their involvement in the current General Secretary election.

Posing the question but ignoring the issue.
Posing the question but ignoring the issue.

The conversation can be followed here.

There seems to be an attempt on the part of some to imply that any HQ staff involved in campaigning are, by default, “interfering” by campaigning for and on behalf of Ms Millar and that in doing so they are doing so for “personal gain”. Why should one assume this to be the case? Is Padraig / Patrick so unpopular at HQ that every official in HQ is campaigning for his opponent or is this an attempt at playing the victim?

I’m quite sure there will be HQ officials and staff campaigning for Padraig / Patrick.

Either way, I think it’s more appropriate that those with a close tie to NIPSA such as employees are allowed to campaign in that capacity as opposed to those who appear to have no ties to NIPSA campaigning from what appears to be a purely political perspective in order to achieve a political objective.


Not a NIPSA member but campaigning on behalf of a fellow Socialist Party member.

As seen here.

Clearly the Padraig / Patrick campaign are happy for similarly politically minded outsiders to campaign on his behalf, so why the fuss expressed by others over the participation of HQ staff?


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