“Elect one of your own”…

…..says the man who is supposedly standing on an  anti sectarian ticket. Padraig / Patrick has hinged his entire campaign on what he understands to be anti sectarianism.

The phrase “One of your own”, especially in a Northern Ireland context, is the epitome of sectarianism.

Clearly, given the banner headline of his election material, Padraig / Patrick has some issues with his interpretation of what constitutes sectarianism.

It’s embarrassing that his supporters and campaign members are engaging in the distribution of election materials encouraging the very thing their collective conscience is supposed to detest and rail against.

If Carlsberg did irony….


It’s worth noting that there’s a rather touching endorsement on the reverse of the pamphlet which, rather conveniently, forgets to mention that one of the signatories (NIPSA President Carmel Gates) is also his partner.

An analysis of the “Five reasons to elect Patrick NIPSA General Secretary” will follow.


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