Five reasons to elect Padraig / Patrick NIPSA General Secretary”. An analysis.

Well, here they are.

 The “five reasons”.

The salary promise deserves some analysis as it appears to be something of a red herring. Posturing aside, if elected Padraig / Patrick will accept the full (unknown) wage together with the pension benefits it brings and he’ll do exactly what anyone else can do with their salary and donate whatever amount of that to whoever he wants. Most people make such donations privately and don’t feel the need to publicize them. Had he announced if he were elected that he would accept only the average member wage (£25,000 approx) that would have been quite a commendable and meaningful promise. Padraig / Patrick says that he will take (claim) the same expenses as NIPSA members as opposed to the higher officials rate. Why take any expenses? I mean, if he can presumably afford to donate thousands of pounds to various causes from his new salary why would he need to claim expenses? To use Padraig / Patrick’s own terminology this salary and expenses pledge is “Tokenistic” , nothing more.

If he considers one day strikes “tokenistic” why did he campaign so hard for the one day strike on March 13th? What is this “”REAL” anti cuts movement” he is committed to building? Is this separate “movement” something outside of NIPSA or is this a thinly veiled announcement of an intention to align with the Socialist Party and other parties in an attempt to politicize NIPSA?  He had three years as President to develop “a “REAL” strategy to defend jobs and services”. What was he doing during that time?

He’s opposed to alliances with political parties that are based on the (religious) sectarian divide but is happy to have NIPSA commanded by the Socialist Party which itself in some regards is considered politically divisive / politically sectarian by many.

He’s committed to job creation, rebuilding public services, defending the welfare state – all things to be reasonably expected of any NIPSA member – but he’s also committed to “NIPSA’s democratic socialist alternative to austerity”. What exactly is that? How does it differ from NIPSA’s alternative to austerity. How, and why, is what Padraig / Patrick is committed to more “democratic” and why ought it to be “socialist” by definition in comparison to NIPSAs position. We really should be told.

According to the pamphlet Padraig / Patrick has allegedly been “a strong voice for public servants in the media”. I don’t recall his “strong voice” actually achieving anything but am happy to be corrected if someone can provide an actual example of his appearance in the media having directly positively affected the result or outcome of any public sector campaign issue.

The “Throughout his term as president Padraig / Patrick has proved….” statement is irrelevant. The qualities listed are not unique to Padraig / Patrick and have been qualities expected of and displayed by many past Presidents and will be expected of Presidents to come.

The reality is that there’s nothing specific in this pamphlet about Padraig / Patrick’s achievements or experience. Why is that?

An analysis of any new Alison Millar campaign materials will follow in due course.


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