“Why Padraig / Patrick won my vote at the local NIPSA hustings”.

By Padraig / Patrick or one of his campaign coordinators….it would seem.

There’s something deeply unsettling about people who write their own eulogies. From the article attribution it seems that whoever “Patrick Mulholland for NIPSA General Secretary” is they were only swayed or convinced to support Padraig / Patrick after hearing him speak at the hustings. Funny that the moniker was in use well in advance of the hustings being announced.

Amazingly the alleged author, who is supposed to be writing in the singular about how he / she was convinced to vote for Padraig / Patrick, ends the piece by writing “Come and hear both candidates speak about why they are standing for General Secretary and why we are backing Patrick Mulholland to win. “.

Who is this “we”? Is it the “Royal we”?

In light of this glaring self praise exercise having been exposed as such I’m sure we’ll see another attribution for the article (no doubt a known supporter of Padraig / Patrick) in the coming hours.


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