It’s democracy. stupid!

Now that the ballot papers have begun arriving with members it’s perhaps worth reminding people of a few things.

Irrespective of which of the two candidates your branch may have nominated, who you vote for is a matter for you and you alone. There is a lot of misinformation out there and some members think that you have to vote how your branch tells you to vote. This is simply not the case. Irrespective of who your branch has nominated (if anybody) you are free to vote for the candidate of your choice – that is what democratic elections are based upon. Should you wish to clarify this as fact you can email NIPSA at or call them on 028 9066 1831 and they will be happy to confirm this to you.

If for whatever reason you do not intend to vote then under no circumstances should you pass your ballot paper to someone else. Ensure that your ballot paper is destroyed and rendered useless. People have been known to trawl through waste and recycle bins in offices to recover discarded ballot papers to shore up support for their preferred candidate(s). Do not afford them the opportunity to do this with your ballot / vote.

Let’s keep it fair, clean and most of all democratic.


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