Let me fix that for you….

The post below appeared on the twitter feed of @nipsaelection. It’s interesting for a number of reasons.

Let's talk about

Yes, many Headquarters staff and NIPSA unity members are indeed involved in Ms Millar’s campaign but then again so are many ordinary members, as is their right to do so in a democratic election involving a membership.

The commentator forgets to mention that the Broad Left and ordinary members are also involved in Padraig / Patrick’s campaign as they too are entitled to do and fails to mention the fact that the Socialist Party, a political party with no affiliation with NIPSA, which announced Padraig / Patrick’s candidacy, which has since 2006 been working to take over NIPSA and other unions for it’s own ends, has had its members (not members of NIPSA) campaigning outside various buildings on behalf of Padraig / Patrick. As such Padraig / Patrick’s camp have been anything but “quiet”.

Admittedly Twitter limits comments to 140 characters which makes reporting difficult but one would have thought, given that the account owner stated previously that the Twitter account was part of an effort to obtain a journalism qualification of some sort, that objectivity, impartiality and reporting of the facts might have been somewhat more to the fore of their reporting.

not a troll

I’m sure Padraig / Patrick would be disappointed to see this lack of acknowledgement of the hard work of his supporters, especially those who are giving of their time despite no connection to the union itself.

A way to go yet it would seem.


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