Let’s TalkTalk about hacking

It’s an unfortunate reality of the modern digital age that people will, from time to time, fall foul of individuals who seek to disrupt and subvert business and discourse. The current situation which TalkTalk finds itself in is a case in point.

Yesterday the Twitter account of General Secretary candidate Alison Millar fell victim to someone who hacked the account and deleted her tweets. Yes, that’s right, deleted her tweets.


You’d have to wonder what type of individual or group would be interested in suppressing democratic opinion to the point that they would be desperate and disingenuous enough to hack a twitter account and risk a possible criminal conviction for doing so.

It’s regrettable that at the time of writing the silence from many of those who call for fair play and open and democratic debate, who you would think would vehemently oppose such behaviours, is deafening.

True democrats will, of course, speak out against this type of attack. It is an attack on democracy, free speech and the promotion of trade unionism.

As Socrates might have said in a modern context “When the debate is lost, hacking becomes the tool of the loser”.

Speak out and condemn these behaviours.


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