First they came for the potholers….

Host of the second biggest show in the country (the biggest ever having been “Derry Girls”) Stephen Nolan – media friend of our current President – has tonight announced an attack on “the civil servant who looks after pot holes”. What is NIPSA going to do about this  attack to be mounted against a public sector worker? Will the union defend the individual and remonstrate with Nolan or will the union stay silent preferring instead not to rock the boat in an attempt to maintain the relationship with him which allows the President, and other like minded individuals, regular access to his show to promote a certain agenda?

Why has the union, so anti sectarian, been silent on the #boycottnolan campaign? A campaign built around the belief that his show promotes sectarian division. Is it because certain elements of the union value the regional airtime they are afforded to express their particular political view via his show over an opposition to sectarianism?

If we are to be truly anti-sectarian then surely we should not be engaging with, or affording a platform to, sectarianism or those who encourage it.

Just a thought.

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