Proof, if it were needed, of how capable the soon to be ex Deputy General Secretary Alison Millar is.

The General Council have decided they need to appoint two men to do the work Alison did by herself.

This will come as no real surprise to anyone who knows Alison but it will come as a monumental shock to some people that there are apparently no interviews to be held (what was that about a “democratic” union?) for the now two full time Deputy General Secretary posts nor any explanation as to how, in a time of austerity and decreasing membership, NIPSA intends to fund their salaries – which we have been led to believe is more than an average members / workers wage.

Hard luck to anyone who was hoping to compete for the post of Deputy General Secretary in a fair and democratic merit based process.






Beware of litterbugs.

As the election for NIPSA General Secretary approaches people will soon be inundated with various pieces of election campaign paraphernalia. Many people will also be receiving their voting papers to their place of work.

Members who decide not to vote are encouraged to be responsible when it comes to the disposal / recycling of their ballot papers. Do your bit for democracy and the environment and take steps to ensure that your unused ballot paper is properly prepared for disposal and recycling. Instead of leaving your ballot paper lying about your desk or office be a responsible citizen / democrat and take the time to tear up any ballot that you do not intend using rather than just tossing it in the bin.

This will not only help the environment but also the democratic process.

How to be anti sectarian and prove your anti sectarian credentials.

1: Encourage activist members of a particular caucus to stop drinking in the 3C’s (Central Catholic Club) in central Belfast and using it as a proxy headquarters.

2: Stop using the Irish version of your name which you have previously insisted on people using.

3: Make sure to change your Facebook address. Ooops!